We serve buffet lunch on weekdays
11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

A la Carte Restaurant

Our a la carte dishes are made from local ingredients, with respect for traditions.

Olli's Bar

The legendary Olli's Bar is situated in our restaurant lounge. Sing or listen to karaoke!

Restaurant Hotku, Kuusamo

Restaurant Hotku is located in Sokos Hotel Kuusamo, right in the town centre.  

Dinner and dance restaurant Hotku serves lunch on weekdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and a la carte meals every day. Our a la carte menu is packed with delicious dishes made from local ingredients. Our catering service prepares tasty meals to be served at private functions in the restaurant, or at another location of our customer's choice. 

Relax and have a good time by the crackling fireplace in Ollin Baari! Have a glass of cold Finnish beer, a sparkling cider or some refreshing cocktails, and spend a happy evening singing karaoke.

Since 1973

The story of Hotku begins from 1973, when Hotel Kuusamo and its restaurant opened. Over the years Hotel Kuusamo restaurant became a legendary dinner and dance restaurant for both locals and tourists.

From the very beginning, the restaurant was owned by the Finnish SOK co-op chain. The locals called the hotel and its restaurant by the nickname "Hotku." This name was given to the new restaurant, Restaurant Hotku, which opened on 1 June 2013.